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While other guides limit their relationship to a blind tasting and brief write up, Slow Wine takes the time to get personally acquainted with each winery in order to profile the people and vineyards behind the production and present a well-informed, detailed review of the wines.


Slow Wine:


• Selects wineries that respect and reflect their local terroir and practice sustainable methods that benefit the environment. 


• Provides information on farming and winemaking practices in the guide that give readers an inside look at farming practices (including fertilizers, plant protection and weed control), legal certifications (organic, biodynamic), yeasts, vessels used in vinification and aging, and more


• Prides itself on the human contact it has with all producers, which is essential to the guide's evaluations. 


• Features only wines grown without the herbicide Roundup


• Awards the Snail designation to wineries that farm only without synthetic chemicals, following the guidelines in the Slow Wine Manifesto

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