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About the Manifesto

The Manifesto for good, clean, and fair wine is born from Slow Food’s experience over the years, a long-standing relationship in which wine has played a crucial role, thanks to the passionate involvement of wine experts, winemakers, and technicians.


Through the production and consumption of wine made according to the Manifesto, we aim to positively influence the future of viticulture, by breaking the ties from the use of chemicals and monocultures and re-establishing our connection to biodiversity across terroirs and regions. 


For some years now, vanguard vignerons from across the globe have understood and communicated that we must change course. This change, however, cannot happen by acting alone. For this reason, we are calling on wine lovers and professionals alike to come together and play a fundamental role in the promotion and consumption of wines with strong environmental, ethical, and social values. This is important now, more than ever, as we navigate a period of economic and ecological reconstruction. 


Through this interaction with other actors in the network, winemakers themselves will have the opportunity to be exposed to other fundamental subjects such as education to conscious consumption, the centrality of a narration focused on what is really important to tell (and to know) about each wine and the territory it comes from, as well as recognizing the right value of one’s product. 


Please consider: 

The wineries in this guide are inspired by the Manifesto but it does not serve as the criteria for being listed in the guide. 

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