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Slow Wine California guide winery profiles now online!

Last week, Slow Wine editor-in-chief Giancarlo Gariglio began publishing the first winery profiles from the new guide on the Slow Wine blog.


Click here for the blog and the most recent profiles.


Over the next weeks, Giancarlo and his team of editors will be publishing all of the profiles: Even though Slow Wine will be publishing a hardcopy version of the guide, including the 70 California estates selected for the 2018 edition, all of the profiles will be available online as well.


Please stay tuned: Not only will we continue to publish the profiles (roughly four or five every week) but our senior editors will also be publishing reflections on the making of the guide and the results.


Coordinating editor, Jeremy Parzen, is on his way to northern California wine country this week to talk to growers and winemakers about this year's tragic wildfires and the impact that the natural disaster had on the industry.


California wine needs us — all of us — more than ever!


Thanks for being here and thanks for drinking California wine.

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